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Software Project Sizing and Estimation Made Easy

Using Function Point Analysis

An accurate metric for the size of your software is essential if you hope to deliver on time and budget, especially with large software projects.

Size or scope is the cornerstone of all project metrics. Measure the size and then generating metrics for quality, productivity and cost efficiency are straightforward. Don't let your project fail because you didn't properly measure its size

ProjectSizer will help you measure your software project and for now it is FREE to use

Measure your software projects today »

Easy to use

Because if it's not easy, it won't get done!

ProjectSizer helps to you to create an accurate record of the size/scope of your software project using IFPUG Function Point Analysis. This metric can then be used to generate numerous estimates for your project.

Is it right for you?

Suitable for most Software Projects:

  • Agile or Waterfall
  • New Developments or Software Enhancements Projects
  • Developments from scratch or projects with extensive code re-use
  • Package customisations

ProjectSizer is suited to projects with software design and coding but will not help projects whose principal activity is the implementation of technology infrastructure.

What do you need to know?

1. A little bit about your project requirements

It doesn't matter if you are still at the ideas stage, an early measurement can be produced and will be very informative to help you determine, budgets for resources and timescales.

2. A rudimentary knowledge of Function Points Analysis

But don't worry, we will help you learn as you go.

Regardless of the type of system or the methodology for building it (e.g. Agile, Waterfall) your software project will struggle to keep to schedule unless you know how big it is.

Instant Project Estimates and Valuable Insights

We have accumulated estimation formulae based on the research of numerous world experts on Software projects for Quality, Schedule, Resources, Outputs


Counting and Recording Function Points

  • Easy: does the maths for you
  • Speed: Designed to help you count faster
  • Accuracy: validation to improve accuracy

Scope Management over Time

  • Take a snapshot of your project at any time
  • Graph the change in size of your project

Project Estimations

  • Rule of thumb estimates generated instantly based on FP count.

Use Anywhere

  • Compatible with most browser and mobile devices - built on a responsive web framework.

Organising and Reporting

  • Organise your functions into groups: these can be used to generate a product break down structure, or can be used to align functions with Agile Epics and user stories
  • Add tags to further categorize your functions. Tags are very flexible: they might be useful for identifying the developer who will be working on it, or perhaps the technology being used, or even the build status
  • Filter your function lists by group or tag
  • View charts based on groups or tags
  • Move functions between projects. This is achieved by assigning projects to project groups and then you can move a feature from one project in the group to another. Very useful for managing a product backlog.

Graph the scope increase

As your project progresses, you can build up the record of scope change, just click the 'take a snapshot' button.

Software Project Estimation - easier than you think

The most common, proven standard for sizing of software is Function Points. ProjectSizer is a tool to help you count and record Function Point sizings of your software project. Using the function point count of your system, you can quickly estimate quality, schedule, resource and even costs metrics that will enable you to manage your project with more certainty than ever before

Software Portfolio Management

If you are an IT manager who looks after the maintenance or improvement of software. One of the most valuable facts is to know the size of the undertaking. From that, you can determine what resources you need, and how you can manage it - succcessfully!.